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Slovenia is known for its great wines and delicious traditional food.

Slovenian food is a feast for the gourmet. Many restaurants offer a wide range of traditional national dishes, as well as international dishes like pizza, pasta and oriental dishes. The coast affords excellent seafood, including shellfish and the Adriatic bluefish.

One recent eating trend in Slovenia is the "slow food movement". A typical "slow food" meal takes place in a restaurant or at a private home among a group of family members or close friends. There are usually eight or more courses, the emphasis being on local produce, old-style recipes and a relaxed pace, with a different wine to accompany each course.


Slovenia lies on the southern slopes of the Alps and touches the Mediterranean, so it enjoys the best of both worlds, as well as climatic uncertainties from both North and South. However, the tradition of wine production is very long, going back at least to the time of the Roman Empire.

Wine cellar

Nowadays, 38 vine varieties are grown in 14 wine districts. This, together with the natural conditions mentioned above, provides a very rich diversity of taste, smell and colour in the different wines.

With the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, wild mushrooms, dairy products and fresh pasta available here, vegetarians are sure to enjoy their time in Slovenia, too.


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