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The most important tasks within different activities

Epidemiological activities

  • Epidemiologic monitoring of the movement of infectious diseases in the region
  • Implementation and evaluation of measures for controlling infectious diseases
  • Monitoring of the movement of hospital-acquired infections and preparing the programme for controlling such infections
  • Implementation of disinfection, disinsectization and pest extermination
  • Organizing and monitoring preventive vaccination according to the immunization programme
  • Anti-rabies activity
  • Outpatient clinic for travellers

Our citizens increasingly travel to exotic places. Many of them are not protected against various diseases and return home infected. This makes the outpatient clinic for travellers especially significant. In order to enable as safe and healthy travels as possible, we prepared a preventive promotion activity »Zdravi na pot+nazaj« (Travelling abroad and back in good health). The main purpose of this activity is promoting preventive behaviour before all kinds of travel, supporting timely and complex information and counselling before travelling, directing to corresponding healthcare institutions and preventive vaccination. 

Hygiene activities

  • Implementation of sanitary-hygiene control in different organizations and facilities
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the medical quality of foodstuffs and products for general use and of the adequacy of the population’s nutrition 
  • Systematic control over drinking water and the evaluation of drinking water supply in the region
  • Systematic medical control over bathing waters
  • Examination of the effects of pollution on the health of the population (polluted air, surface waters, wastewater and  waste substances)

The area covered by the Ljubljana Institute of Public Health has several environmental issues that need to be addressed.

Health and social activity

The tasks of national importance in the field of collecting and managing medical statistical data comply with the existing legislation, which provides for routine collection of data about the organisation and work of health services in the region. This is important for monitoring health conditions in the region and gaining insight into the operations of the healthcare service.

Promotion of health is an important part of the activities. It tries to change the harmful behaviour patterns. The change comprises diet, physical (in)activity, excessive alcohol intake, smoking, drug abuse, mental health, sexual and reproductive health. Activities are based on healthcare educational contents and teach individuals how to implement the acquired knowledge.

Within the Ljubljana region itself there are considerable differences in the health of the population. The national capital Ljubljana has its specificities – as the administrative centre, it experiences different migrations waves, e.g. daily migration of employees living outside the city, increasing international migratory flow. This raises new issues and problems also in respect of the healthcare situation. The population in the centre of the city is aging.  All these particularities need to be carefully monitored and analysed.
Special attention needs to be paid to certain less privileged environments, like the Zasavje region. The region’s medical statistical data indicates that Zasavje is among the regions with shorter life expectancy than the Slovene average. That is why for the last four years we have actively managed the project »Health for Zasavje – tackling health inequalities«. The basic purpose was to improve the health of the population by preventing and slowing down the risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases.

Other activities Integration and cooperation

National Institute of Public Health; various ministries; various faculties of the University of Ljubljana; local communities. 
Research. The Institute aims to implement epidemiologic, anthropologic and sociological researches about the health conditions of the population, the influence of lifestyle and environment on health.

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