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Travel pharmacy

Travel pharmacy is a compulsory part of each passenger’s baggage. It should be adapted to personal needs of each individual and their health condition. It is imperative that we hold a supplementary health insurance if travelling abroad!

Basic contents:

  1. salt or rehydration powder for preparing rehydration solution (for replacing the lost minerals and preventing dehydration in case of diarrhoea or vomiting),
  2. probyotic tablets or capsules against diarrhoea
  3. drugs against constipation,
  4. tablets for treating increased body temperature and pains (if travelling to areas with a possibility of infection with one of the hemorrhagic fevers, acetylsalicylic acid–based tablets are not advisable),
  5. thermometer,
  6. plasters, dressings, gauze, sterile bandages for wounds, elastic bandage, scissors,
  7. disinfectant (alcohol or disinfecting wipes)
  8. repellent and other means of protection against insect bites,
  9. sunscreen and other means of sun protection.

Supplementary contents should be adapted to individual needs, the travel destination and the manner of travelling: 

  1. regular medications prescribed or advised by your doctor,
  2. tablets for protection against malaria (antimalarials), if you are travelling to a malarious area,,
  3. tablets against travel sickness,
  4. medication against allergies (histamine antagonists) for those with allergies,
  5. agents for conditioning water or for preparation of safe drinking water (water cooker, tablets for water purification, etc.) for cases where there is no safe bottled water.


What should we pay attention to if we take prescription drugs?
First consult your doctor, whether the planned travel is appropriate for you. If you are taking medication which are subject of custom duties or if you are a diabetes patient and carry needles and syringes, request a written confirmation by your doctor (in an international language), in order to avoid unpleasant complications.
Where to store drugs while travelling?
Keep your drugs at one place, preferably in a thermally insulated bag away from the reach of children. Pay attention to special terms of transport at airports or border crossings. Before you prepare you drug bag, check the sell-by date of the medications. Keep the drugs in original package, together with instructions for use. If possible, keep drugs at a temperature not higher than room temperature (25 °C).  Pay attention to storing drugs which demand special storage conditions. They should be protected from light and moisture. 
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